Killed on Campus

Christopher Krumm, son of Casper College staff instructor James Krumm.

Christopher Krumm, the killer (courtesy of Casper College)

The news can be so depressing sometimes.

Yesterday at Casper College in Wyoming, a man burst into class intent on killing one person shortly after he fatally injured another. He then left the area and killed himself a short distance away.

Among the victims was a college faculty member.

I work at a college, so these kinds of stories always freak me out a bit. Granted, I have a clear plan of evacuation if a shooter ever terrorizes our campus, but no one ever sees these attacks coming. And to make matters worse, the killer in this story didn’t even use a gun.

He used some kind of edged weapon. Silent but deadly.

Police Chief Chris Walsh told reporters that the suspect was not a current student and added one other description that I found rather ominous. Walsh said “the suspect appeared to be completely alone.”

Dead father Jim Krumm

I know this is meant to put people at ease so they know a second suspect isn’t at large, but something about the word “completely” just makes the suspect seem sad.

Maybe that’s why he snapped.

UPDATE: New details have emerged about the Casper College killer. His name was Christopher Krumm and the college instructor he killed was his father, James Krumm. Christopher stabbed and killed his father’s girlfriend a few miles away from campus, then stormed into his father’s computer science class and shot his father in the head with a bow and arrow. Chris then stabbed himself and repeatedly stabbed his father just before both men died. Tragic…

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  1. The whole story must go much deeper than just a seriously disturbed individual acting out. I agree with you though, the “completely alone” comment is itself disturbing, I’m not very familiar with this case, but it’s not beyond police to hold relative information if they feel they have a good reason to. I’d have to see the Chief actually saying the quote before I’d conjecture anymore on it. Very tragic in any case. Another interesting thing to ponder is Wyoming has or had pretty liberal gun laws surprising he used a bow….

  2. It’s disturbing, something else I discovered while reading about this was that apparently a neighbor saw the woman’s body but did nothing?!? Am I reading that right??? I took the paragraph below from a British newspaper the Daily Mail site. but I’ve seen this statement and no mention about her making or not making a call, on a couple of sites.

    Neighbor said she came home from work on Friday afternoon after picking up her seven-year-old daughter from school, and the two saw Arnold’s body still lying in the street.
    ‘As soon as we got home, we just shut the curtains,’ she said on Saturday. ‘You know, tried to just watch some TV, have some snacks, mind our own business.’

    If that’s all she did she might have missed a chance to save the woman.

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