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Could kinky candy be next? (courtesy of J.V. Altharas/

In a progressive move, even by higher education standards, Harvard University has just approved a new student group devoted to none other than kinky sex.

According to the school website, Harvard College Munch promotes “a positive and accurate understanding of alternative sexualities and kink on campus, as well as to create a space where college-age adults may reach out to their peers and feel accepted in their own sexuality.”

When it comes to human sexuality, “kink” is normally confused with S&M and bondage. However, it actually applies to a range of alternative sexual practices, including spanking, fetishes, dominance, submission, tickling and yes, even bondage and sadomasochism. The term “munch” is used to describe a safe, low-pressure social gathering for people interested in kinky or alternative sex.

The truth of the matter (courtesy of

The truth of the matter (courtesy of

I can’t say that I’m a practitioner of kinky sex and wouldn’t admit it here even if I was, but I commend the students behind HC Munch for addressing this issue in such a safe, considerate and thoughtful way. The group seems to be open-minded and will not tolerate abusive behavior, discrimination or hazing. In fact, they have even developed a color-coding system for their group announcements: blue events are open to the public, red events are for members only and gray events are unofficial, to name a few.

Whether you agree with kinky sex or not, the fact of the matter is that it’s here to stay and will likely only grow in popularity. Our world is connected more than ever through technology and everyone, including those viewed by some as being sexually deviant, can find their niche.

In other words, kinky sex is global, but at least there are students interested in examining it from a responsible and meaningful perspective. Munch on, Harvard!

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