Shoplifting by Request

Ronald Murrell (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

Ron Murrell, the brains of the operation (courtesy of Louisville Metro Corrections)

Police in Louisville, Kentucky just arrested two shoplifters who attempted to steal more than $2000 worth of clothing and other merchandise from the Jefferson Mall.

Not much of a story, I know. But it gets better.

After 48-year-old Ronald Murrell and 29-year-old Kim Starks left the mall with their hands full of stolen goods, cops pursued them and eventually pulled them over for speeding. Upon approaching the car they smelled marijuana, which was all the probably cause they needed to search the vehicle.

Inside, police found two bags of weed, more than $600 in cash and a bunch of stolen stuff. They also found Murrell’s cell phone, which wasn’t difficult because it barely stopped ringing, and decided to search it as well.

What they found was shocking.

Kimberly Starks (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

His partner in crime, Kim Starks (courtesy of Louisville Metro Corrections)

Apparently there were conversations or text messages where people were asking Murrell to steal certain things for them, like designer clothing and specific brands of other items.

This shoplifter was taking requests!

I would like to say that I also found this shocking, but that would be a lie. Technology has always been used for evil, and cell phones are no different. I mean, there are kids who knock over banks, record themselves doing it and get busted after they post the videos to their Facebook accounts.

Funny how the smarter our technology gets, the dumber we get as a result. Present company excluded, of course.

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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore… Perhaps that is why the Greatest Generation is leaving us…

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