Looking Like Meth

I just stumbled across a horrifying “info graphic” from Rehabs.com that I could not help but share. It shows the progressive deterioration in the facial features of people hooked on methamphetamines (i.e. crystal meth) for only a short period of time. And if there were ever a better deterrent for meth use, I have no idea what it could be. This is about as convincing as it gets, so I reproduce it here in the hope that it persuades people to leave this stuff alone.

The Horrors of Methamphetamines (courtesy of Rehabs.com)

The Horrors of Methamphetamines (courtesy of Rehabs.com)

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  1. Shows that the body does not like a substance made from diesel, Muratic Acid (Used to clean pools), Red Phosphorus( The part of the match box you strike you match on), Acetone and a myriad of other chemicals mixed together. Not to mention if you cook it, then you could blow yourself up with a drop of sweat.. Here’s the kicker. This crap goes for $100 to $150 a gram. We thought Crack was a problem. This stuff is insane.

  2. Holy. Shit.

  3. Most Police Departments have specific training for dealing with Meth addicts. They can be a real danger to themselves and others especially in the period between when the drug stop effecting them and the crash that follows. Besides the visible symptoms the mental problems that come with the addiction are worse..

  4. Shoo – this would honestly scare the bejeepers out of anyone thinking of taking drugs like meth. Really hair-raising stuff …

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