5-Year-Old Survives 4-Story Fall

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The apartment building from whence he fell (courtesy of KDKA)

Justin Collins and his wife were enjoying a pleasant conversation in their Pittsburgh apartment building when suddenly, they heard their 3-year-old daughter scream. They rushed into the living room and made a terrifying discovery.

Their 5-year-old son Jared, who had been playing with his sister, somehow opened a secured window and fell four stories to the concrete below.

Thankfully, Jared survived with only two broken feet. And as he was lying on the pavement with his mother crying beside him, he said something incredibly brave.

“Don’t cry,” Jared told her. “I’ll be okay.”

In fact, only one thing seemed to bother this tough little man: he was afraid that he might have to get a shot.

Leave it to a child to fear the needle more than a potentially life-ending tumble out the window!

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