Biggie Smalls Autopsy Released

The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On March 9, 1997, rapper Christopher Wallace was shot and killed in a drive-by as he left a music industry party, presumably by members of the rival West Coast rap scene. Wallace was professionally known as Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls.

To date, and despite “extensive” investigations by both the Los Angeles Police Department and FBI, his murder remains unsolved.

Fortunately, the LA Coroner’s Office recently released Biggie’s autopsy report and now we have some much-needed insight into his death.

Prepare yourself because here comes the BIG SHOCKER:

Biggie died of a gunshot wound!

I’m glad they decided to confirm something we’ve known for more than a decade!

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  1. Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slow, real slow…..

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