Suffer the Little Children, Part Five

Teachers lead their students to safety (courtesy of the Newtown Bee)

Early this morning, 20-something Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut armed with two weapons: a Glock and a Sig Sauer.

He then started shooting everyone in sight, especially children, and eventually ended up dead himself. It’s not clear whether he killed himself or was killed by police.

Although reports are still coming in, it is believed that 30 people are dead, most of them children. If this number holds, then this incident will become the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history behind Virginia Tech, which saw 32 people lose their lives in 2007. The 1999 Columbine massacre in Littleton, Colorado ended with 13 people dead, including shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Thirty deaths are crazy, so here’s hoping more victims aren’t discovered.

The good news is that the danger has passed, the school is secure and parents have come to retrieve their children. Of course, the families of the victims now have a terrible tragedy to deal with and will feel this pain for the rest of their lives. I can’t even imagine how the parents of these murdered children must feel.

Police have no idea what led Lanza to commit these heinous crimes, but I’m confident more details will emerge soon. Personally, though, I have trouble understanding how someone could even be capable of such an act.

Sure, there are mentally unstable people all over the world who kill for no apparent reason, but murdering children takes a special kind of psychopath. Someone like this Adam Lanza, I suppose.

Although this is a horrible event and one that tugs at my heart-strings, especially since I’m a parent myself, I am also angry that Lanza isn’t here to face the consequences. The parents of these murdered children deserve both justice and closure, neither of which they will receive now that this cowardly killer is dead.

My heart truly goes out to everyone at Sandy Hook and in the surrounding area. I can only hope that the old adage that “time heals all wounds” is true. But when it comes to losing a child, I’m not all that sure that it could be.

Please pray for the victims and their families. And as I always say, be good to each other.

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  1. Been in tears too many times today, I finally had to stop watching to news as it was just to heart wrenching, hits too close to home having children myself the same age. Unfathomable. Those poor, poor families and community. 😦

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