The Coke Bust

Drug lords would love to hire her as a drug mule! (courtesy of

I love it when a title carries a double meaning and describes a story as accurately as this one.

Yesterday in Barcelona, custom officials at Prat Airport questioned a woman who just disembarked from a “hot flight” from Bogota, Colombia. The term “hot flight” is used to describe any flight coming from a destination notorious for drug trafficking, and Bogota certainly qualifies.

Oddly enough, the woman’s responses to their questions were so vague that officials immediately grew suspicious and contacted security. A female officer patted the woman down and discovered some bloody bandages underneath her breasts. Further inspection revealed incisions under each breast, as well as the presence of a white, pasty substance.

The Colombian woman claimed that she recently had breast augmentation surgery, but security wasn’t buying it. They immediately shipped her off to a nearby hospital and later, a medical team extracted each of her breast implants. That’s when they made a bizarre discovery.

Her implants were filled with cocaine. All together the woman had three pounds of the illegal drug, worth more than $100,000 on the street. And she of course ended up in jail.

That’s right, people. Police made a coke bust on a bust filled with coke. Talk about irony!

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  1. Creative, funny, yet disturbing all at the same time. The lengths some people go to for money is insane!

  2. LOL That is almost right out of the script of Nip Tuck.

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