Child Killer Released

Victims Olivier and Anne-Sophie (courtesy of CBC)

In February 2009, Canadian cardiologist Guy Turcotte was distraught over his failing marriage and suddenly snapped. In a fit of rage, he found a knife and murdered his children, 3-year-old Anne-Sophie and 5-year-old Olivier, as they slept in their beds.

Turcotte stabbed each child roughly 20 times and Olivier even has a number of defensive wounds. It was obvious that they both suffered as the life slowly slipped out of them.

Police arrested Turcotte, who confessed to the murders and left Dr. Isabelle Gaston, his estranged wife, with nothing but sorrow and pain. And now things just got even worse for her.

At his trial, Turcotte’s defense team brought in several psychiatrists who testified that he was mentally ill at the time of the murders and did not know what he was doing. This echoed Turcotte’s confession since he told authorities that he blacked out just before committing this terrible act.

Of course, we’re talking about a well-educated doctor with no history of mental illness here, but that obviously meant nothing to the jury. They believed what they were told and determined that Turcotte was not criminally responsible because he was mentally ill at the time.

Turcotte served 46 months in a psychiatric facility and was just released yesterday in a move even the Canadian government called “unacceptable.” And as you might imagine, people all over the world are outraged, myself included.

Guy Turcotte

Guy Turcotte, killer on the loose (courtesy of CBC)

And now Dr. Gaston has to wonder if the man who killed her children and destroyed her family will come looking for her. Living in fear certainly doesn’t allow for much quality of life, so now she has to suffer even more.

This entire situation is appalling, but even more so when you consider what Turcotte told the psychiatric review board that released him. He claimed that he was looking forward to leading a normal life, practicing  medicine again and maybe even having more children.

The thought of this maniac endangering even more children makes me cringe, so I hope he never has the opportunity to kill again. But since he is free and can do what he pleases, I’m sure he will get his chance unless someone stops him.

Someone please stop him. Otherwise I fear even more kids will die.

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  1. There is something terribly wrong with our justice system when someone such as this is set free, I don’t care what sort of treatment he has had, he should have been sterilized in the hospital. No one like him deserves to have children. Lets hope he never is given the chance to have more!

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