Don’t Snort the Deodorant

Robert Griffin, left, and Matthew Miramant, right,

Criminal masterminds Griffin and Miramant (courtesy of Middletown Police Department)

Robert Griffin of Middletown, Connecticut is not related to the rookie football sensation and quarterback of the Washington Redskins. He would be so lucky.

No, this Robert Griffin is a heroin user and misguided drug dealer who just got busted trying to pass off deodorant as crack cocaine. Turns out the “client” who sent him a text message on Wednesday asking for an eight ball was an undercover cop.

As soon as Griffin and his accomplice, Matthew Miramant, showed up at the Wesleyan Inn Suites with a $150 rock to sell, detectives took them down.

This story is pretty ordinary, but Griffin did something else to set himself apart from your everyday, run-of-the-mill criminal.

Prior to his bust, he advertised his services by slipping notes under the doors of Super 8 motel guests that offered to help with “party supplies.” Granted, it was one of these notes that brought Griffin to the attention of authorities, but at least this shows some initiative!

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  1. Ahh if only the rest of the rum-dums would only make things this easy,,,, Griffin looks like a riod rager, he also kinda looks like Andy…. lol!

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