Should We Arm Teachers?

Texas Governor Rick Perry fires a six-shooter pistol in downtown Fort Worth. Click image to expand.

Texas Governor Rick Perry leading by example (courtesy of

At a tea party event this past Monday, Texas Republican governor and former presidential wannabe Rick Perry said that anyone with a concealed weapon permit should be allowed to carry their guns on public property. This includes school property, too.

“In the state of Texas, with our concealed handgun license, if you have been duly backgrounded and trained and you are a concealed handgun license carrying individual, you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state,” said Perry. He added that teachers with the proper license and training should have “access to weapons in their school.”

Is it me, or does this sound like another accident waiting to happen?

Oddly enough, there is already one school district in Texas that allows teachers to be strapped: the Harrold school district northwest of Dallas. Beginning in 2008, employees officially licensed to carry firearms could do so on school property.

It seems to me that the solution to school gun violence is not to simply add more guns to the equation. Now instead of having a lone gunman walking the hallways, you will have teachers armed to the teeth either waiting in their classrooms to shoot any intruders or searching the school for the culprit. This potentially adds to the number of bullets whizzing by and opens the door for all kinds of accidental shootings, as well.

For me, the best way to prevent massacres like the one in Connecticut is to focus on several specific areas:

Arm The Teachers: Gun Control Petition Finds Its Political Opposite

The new breed of teachers? (courtesy of

First, we must provide schools with the resources they need to keep students safe, like panic buttons, locking and perhaps even bulletproof doors and such. And yes, every school should have some kind of active shooter protocol to follow if they don’t already.

Second, we must train people to report odd, unusual or disturbing behavior the moment they observe it. I don’t care if it’s your son, friend, cousin, uncle, milk man or gas station attendant. If someone acts like they could be a danger to themselves or others, then someone should report them to the authorities. Better safe than sorry, if you ask me.

Finally, we as a nation need to examine very closely how we approach and handle mental illness. More and more people seem to be suffering from some type of disorder these days, and simply prescribing a “magic pill” to solve their problems doesn’t seem very effective. These individuals need more involved and thoughtful treatment, and they also need to be monitored more closely. Granted, this would require more resources, but if it saves lives, then wouldn’t the added cost be worth it?

Sorry for getting on my soapbox, but Governor Perry kind of set me off with his ridiculous notion. I guess this is just another example of why he never became the GOP candidate for president. If he had, then teachers all over the nation would be packing heat!

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  1. Trust me, it’s not you. The only thing teachers should be armed with is a passion for learning. If they allow/insist teachers to/do carry guns, then they’ll arm students next, and isn’t that the problem? Rick Perry shot himself in the debates, now he wants others to follow his ‘example.’

  2. Forcing guns into the hands of those that don’t want them is a recipe for disaster. However, if a teacher a had a background in or was willing to learn the proper way to handle firearms and situations where there use might be required, I think there might possibly be grounds for a dialog. However, I think taking things to that extreme may be unwarranted. I do think your last four paragraphs do squarely hit the nail on the head for a direction towards solving the problem…

    • Kind of strange that no one has mentioned using rubber bullets or concussion grenades…

      • Rubber bullets are most effective against normal rational people. The mentally ill and those on drugs don’t always react to the pain caused to them. Concussion grenades would be bad on a lot of levels, First they’re designed for use on adults in open spaces, kids would suffer greatly from concussive force of them. Secondly they can cause secondary fragmentation which too would be really bad for kids. Third they’d be just as liable to incapacitate the user as the intended target in small spaces like a classroom. What would work is tasers, they fire 4 wire attached barbs that as long as 2 connect can deliver an incapacitating shock. so at best they could take out 2 people instead of one. They’re less than lethal as long as you don’t drain the battery into someone, and even then they’ll probably survive. Of course they would have evacuated themselves by that point…

  3. Isnt bringing a taser to a gun fight a little dangerous?

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