Party Fowl

A Thanksgiving survivor

Hasn’t he suffered enough? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there no end to the ridiculous party stunts that college fraternities will pull just to satisfy their need for drunken entertainment?

Last Friday night, police in Lawrence were called to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house on the campus of the University of Kansas. They received several reports involving animal cruelty and a turkey.

You heard me right… a turkey.

Beta Theta Pi was holding its 129th Annual Turkey Pull, according to Lisa McKenzie, whose band was hired to play at the shindig.

“About seven guys kicked the cage in, then they spent 45 minutes throwing it around like a basketball. They broke its wing. They carried it by its legs. One was squeezing its neck,” McKenzie said. “I tried, but they wouldn’t give it to me. It ended when they took it out to the porch and wrung its neck.”

The president of the fraternity, Ryan O’ Grady, denied the allegations and claimed this never happened. But come on. Who the hell would make up a story about abusing a turkey? And isn’t it enough that his friends and family members were sacrificed a few weeks ago to satisfy our collective Thanksgiving hunger?

I call a party fowl… um, foul… on this whole sorted situation!

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