Thank God It’s Not Friday

China slashing

The attacker was caught on video (courtesy of Reuters)

Last Friday, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and murdered 27 people in cold blood before taking his own life. As we all know by now, most of Lanza’s victims were children between the ages of 6 and 7.

What people may not know is that another horrible attack took place the same day in the village of Chenpeng in central China. That’s when 36-year-old Min Yongjun, a clearly disturbed man who also suffers from epilepsy, entered an elementary school wielding a kitchen knife and proceeded to stab, cut and slash 23 students, including 7 first-graders.

The night before, Yongjun beat his parents and children, wandered the streets, broke into an elderly woman’s home and stabbed her several times. Around 7 a.m. the following morning, he headed for the school.

According to local police, Yongjun was some kind of doomsday fanatic who wanted to “do things to impress the world of his existence” before the world came to an end on December 21st. This is the day the Mayan calendar supposedly identified as the end of the world, although experts around the globe have discounted it.

Friday was a terrible day for children both here in the U.S. and abroad. Let’s hope that this Friday passes by uneventfully.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this up, it’s important the people start to realize that the problem isn’t going to go away even if the guns do. Great Post!

  2. With all my suspicions of mind control, or unknown groomers of male youth (I have worked with adolescents in classrooms, and even taught killers), I still know most want to navigate the world loving, not harming others.

    How about December Friday(s) shall be, like the orthodox “Good Friday”, days of reflection on the most sacred of commandments- “Thou Shall Not Kill”

    Really, it is a holiday that will not polarize- or separate -and only unify humankind in repentance and grace.

  3. I’ve said this before, I’m thankful I don’t live in America, you must all be bloody stupid, people power will get rid of the guns.

    • We’re not all stupid, Donkey, but that demographic is as well represented here as it is in every other country of the world. You are right about people being capable of doing away with guns, though. Something does need to change…

  4. Mars, what I’m trying to say is you ‘America’ need to use your power as a people and make the politicians change the way things are – you are a democracy and that means government for the people by the people, which means American needs to hold itself responsible for where it is today and act. The stupid bit seems to me to be the fact that America doesn’t seem to realise it has the power to change gun laws to be whatever it wants them to be. If Americans truly believes change is needed, get off you collective arses and make it happen – stop talking about it and do it.
    Politicians are only in charge because we let them, threaten their right to rule and they have to either change or remove democracy, then you have revolution and you chaps have been there before I believe – and what was that all about!

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