Irresistible in Iowa

Dental Assistant Fired For Being 'Irresistible' Is 'Devastated'

The Irresistible Melissa Nelson (courtesy of ABC News)

In 1999, Melissa Nelson of Fort Dodge, Iowa began working as a dental assistant in the office of Dr. James Knight. And for ten years, everything was fine.

Then in 2010, Knight suddenly fired Nelson because of the “nature of their relationship and the perceived threat” to his marriage. In other words, Knight now found her too “irresistible” to keep around and terminated her so she couldn’t be a “detriment” to his family.

Nelson took the case to a lower court and lost when it decided Knight’s behavior did not violate the Iowa Civil Rights Act. So she appealed to the all-male Iowa Supreme Court and, believe it or not, lost again.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” Nelson told reporters Saturday. “I don’t think it’s right.”

Fair or not, the decision does adhere to state law. Since gender discrimination was not involved, Knight was well within his rights to fire Nelson.

Pardon my French, but this state law blows. And to make matters worse, there’s even evidence to suggest sexual harassment on Knight’s part. Check this out.

Towards the end of her employment in the dentist’s office, Knight would often complain about Nelson’s outfits as being too tight or “distracting.” He would constantly ask her to change her attire, despite the fact that Nelson wore scrubs like everyone else.

On one occasion, Knight told her that if she noticed a bulge in his pants, then her outfit was likely too revealing.

We all know that co-workers, even bosses and their employees, sometimes flirt with one another. It adds some spice to the office and can make the drudgery of day-to-day routine much more interesting, as long as it’s innocent, that is.

I believe that’s exactly what Nelson and Knight had, at least for a while.

Filling cavities with a boner is HARD!

Filling cavities with a boner is HARD!

There was a time when Nelson mentioned how infrequent her sex life was to Knight and he responded in typical fashion: “That’s like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it.” Obviously these two were comfortable with one another if they were willing to share such personal details about themselves.

Nelson and Knight even exchanged text messages outside of work. Unfortunately, Knight’s wife found out and told him to fire Nelson. She also worked in his office and obviously got very jealous, so he obliged. Nelson was canned after ten years of service.

We all know what happened, don’t we? Knight had a hot little assistant he wanted to bang and couldn’t because (a) she was happily married and simply flirtatious and (b) his own wife was right there watching him the entire time. So when he finally couldn’t control his desires any longer and got busted for flirting with Nelson, he did what any coward would do.

So now Nelson is jobless and her own state government can’t even help her. To add insult to injury, Knight even filled her position with another female assistant.

What you want to bet this new employee is the opposite of irresistible? And knowing Knight, he’ll eventually want to bed her, too!

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  1. There are so many aspects to talk about here!
    First, weird because as far as I know, men always want to take to bed at least one of the women they work with, it’s their nature.
    Second, one of the thinks I’m concerned about is the facts and the record that it implies for law as a background. My question here is: if you are too hot that every person have on mind to bang to, would you must feel threatened to get fired? Poor Playboy bunnies, girls at Hotters or the Kardashian girls! Or even some teachers!
    Third: Bye-bye the fantasies and lonely masturbations thinking of that hottie you see every day at work or school or the coffee shop? Booooring…
    Fourth, No gender discrimination, but it’s like “lookism” this freakly tendence to hire only goodlooking people but all the way around.
    Fifth -of course- What the f*** does the wife has to see in all this? After ten years she should be get used to his husband’s hot assistant. I think she’s behind this.
    Sixth and last: What an honesty to fire a person just because he/she turns you on… you should keep it to yourself for God and marriages’ sake!
    Uff! What a story! I’m reblogging it if I may, Scott!

  2. Reblogged this on wordstoexpressthrough and commented:
    Of course, I would like to know what the fuck do you think about this story by Gnostic Bent. (

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