Reach for the Stars, See You in Heaven

Tom Doty (courtesy of ABC News)

The title of this article was actually a favorite quote of Thomas Doty, a young man from San Diego, California who passed away Saturday after a three-year battle with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.

Although the prognosis for any kind of cancer is never good, the outlook for a rare form is that much worse. Doty had no illusions about the challenges ahead and possessed something that eludes many in similar situations: hope.

Unfortunately, it was hope that also hurt Doty in the end. You might even say it contributed to his death.

You see, Doty and his mother were expecting $250,000 from a generous donor, more than enough to afford several life-saving cancer treatments. The donor, a woman, contacted the family after their friend Jonathan Hillstrand asked his fans to help.

Hillstrand appears on the hit reality television showThe Deadliest Catch.”

The donor claimed to be a nurse from Indiana and promised to send $250,000 immediately to help Doty, who was doing well at a Valley Center holistic facility at the time. Unfortunately, the money never arrived and all that followed were empty promises, lies and even harassment.

For whatever reason, the donor began sending vicious emails and posting outrageous rants on Facebook, all the while using several aliases. There were forged bank statements, endless text messages, phone calls and on a few occasions, fake and altered cashier’s checks.

Even Hillstrand was being stalked by this woman!

Sadly, the Doty family ceased their fundraising efforts when they thought a huge check was in the mail. And time ran out for Thomas this past weekend.

Doty’s mother has informed the police and FBI of this hoax and hired a lawyer so she can take the woman to court for intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

Hopefully they can find even more charges to slap on this sociopath. After all, we’re talking about someone who sought out desperate people, lied to them, harassed them, stalked them and put them through hell. And the culmination of this master plan?

Thomas Doty. Deceased.

And right before Christmas, too. Tragic…

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