Rock Candy

Brains and purple eye shadow don’t mix (courtesy of

Face it. Some people are downright stupid.

I try not to use that word much and have been teaching my five-year-old son that it’s one of the bad words he should avoid, but we all know it’s true. Just as there are white people and black people and tall people and short people and smart people, there are dumb people, too.

Fortunately, none of them ever bother reading much, so I have no fear of offending them here.

The latest candidate for “Dumbass of the Week” is 45-year-old Kimberly Losurdo of Spring Hill, Florida.

Losurdo was arrested Thursday and charged with child abuse after a 9-year-old boy in her home went into a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. The boy had accidentally ingested some of her crack cocaine. He experienced flu-like symptoms and vomited for two days before she bothered to call for help.

About the only smart thing Losurdo did was admit to police that she smoked crack inside the home and that the boy must have mistaken a coke rock for candy. Now she’s sitting in jail on $5000 bond and the three children in her home have been removed by the state.

Congratulations on being as dumb as dirt, Kimberly Losurdo!

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  1. She should do the world a favour, make some space by committing suicide.

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