Twice in Two Days

The house caught fire twice.

Not much remains after two blazes (courtesy of WAVE3)

Once again, there is proof that the Christmas spirit of a few days ago is fading fast.

Diana Anderson is a single mother of two teenage boys in Carroll County, Kentucky. A week and a half ago, a fire broke out in her home and caused extensive damage. Initial reports indicated the fire was electrical and fortunately, it appeared as if a great deal could be salvaged.

Only it didn’t last.

Less than 48 hours later, another fire broke out in the once-baked home and incinerated everything that remained. Westside Fire Chief Clyde Rowlett believes that an accelerant was used, which would clearly indicate arson.

“My personal opinion is whoever did this didn’t get it the first time so they came back and made sure that they did. She’s a well loved individual,” Anderson’s sister Keneta May told reporters. “She doesn’t have an enemy in the world, you know, I’m in shock myself.”

Kentucky State Police continue to investigate the matter, but no arrests have been made to date.

I, for one, hope they catch whoever’s responsible for this horrendous crime, especially if this individual started both fires. Yes, it takes a real loser to set fire to the ashes of someone’s already burned home. But to set the initial fire, fall short of complete destruction and return to finish the job? That takes a special kind of lunatic, and we can’t have someone like that walking around freely, can we?

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