Profit from Pain

Nouel Alba

Alba stole money from victims and their families (courtesy of Huffington Post)

I am so glad there are people out there who do the right thing, help and inspire others, and generally give human beings a good name. Because sadly, there are others who make us all look really bad.

37-year-old Nouel Alba from the Bronx is one of the bad ones.

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Connecticut, Alba decided she would pose as the aunt of one of the young victims, Noah Pozner, and collect donations to fund his funeral. She set up a Facebook page and directed all the ensuing donations to her PayPal account.

Federal authorities caught wind of the scam after CNN’s interview with Alba on December 19th. At that time, she denied everything but inadvertently identified an email that came from her personal account. It seems that was all the feds needed and when they questioned Alba, she lied about the scam.

Alba tried to make Noah a victim twice! (courtesy of NY Daily News)

Alba was arrested last Thursday for lying to federal agents and could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. She was released on $50,000 bond pending her trial.

It takes a special kind of criminal to prey upon people already suffering through a terrible tragedy like the one in Connecticut. And while I’m glad one such loser has been discovered and apprehended, I know there will be more to come. Tragedies like this always bring out the best and the worst in people.

Thankfully, Connecticut U.S. Attorney David Fein is keeping a close eye on the situation and seems ready to pounce on any would-be scammers out there: “This arrest should serve as a warning to anyone who attempts to profit from this tragedy by contriving fraudulent schemes that exploit the many victims, their families and individuals who sincerely want to help.”

Good luck, Mr. Fein. Something tells me you’re going to need it…

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  1. People can be disgusting….it’s sad.

  2. In light of the scams that came up after Katrina, Joplin, Sandy, and now Newtown, it would be nice to see heavier prosecution of these criminals. It’s too bad they can’t be held without bond until trial. These rank right up there with scams against the elderly.

    Truly a sad commentary on the mindset of many people.

  3. bring back corporal punishment, maybe if they were flogged through the streets they might not be so keen on it and it may deter others, society is too soft on criminals and thats why there are so many.

  4. What in the name of all things holy has happened to humanity?! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. 😦

  5. It seems there are more bad people in the world than good these days.

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