Subway Slaughter Continues

Police investigating the case released this sketch of the person they were seeking.

A sketch of the woman responsible (courtesy of NYPD)

Earlier this month, a homeless man named Naeem Davis was charged with second-degree murder after he pushed 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han onto the tracks in front of a Times Square subway train.

Han died, of course. And now there has been another subway fatality.

On Thursday, a woman who was seen pacing a subway platform and mumbling to herself suddenly pushed 46-year-old Sunando Sen onto the tracks in front of an 11-car train as it entered the station.

Sen was pinned underneath the second car, but was likely dead before the train came to a complete stop.

WAAAY BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE: Riders at the 81st Street station stand well clear of the platform edge yesterday as a train rolls in a day after the deadly subway horror.

Stand way behind the yellow line (courtesy of Warzer Jaff)

New York police said on Saturday that the woman wanted in connection with this heinous crime had been apprehended and is currently in custody. Chief spokesman Paul Browne described the woman as being in her thirties and said she made statements that implicated herself in Sen’s death.

This makes twice in one month that someone has been pushed from a New York subway platform into an oncoming train. Since two times is all it takes to establish a pattern, and since we all know something like this is likely to happen again, I have two important pieces of advice for our friends in The Big Apple:

Find another way to travel, people. And if you must use the subway, please consider standing against the wall to wait for your train. At least that way you’ll have a fighting chance.

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  1. Is the American society willing to admit that some people’s minds don’t function like yours and mine and they need attention to reduce the pain and depression and anger that they carry every day. Mental health is not a laughing matter. Dave in Canada

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