From YouTube to the NFL

Rugland kicks from 60 yards (courtesy of M&

Need more proof that globalization through technology can lead to some amazing opportunities for totally unknown people?

Then check this out.

There’s a guy in Norway named Havard Rugland who posted a video of himself to YouTube in September that has since gone viral. In it, Rugland can be seen kicking a football in all sorts of different situations, a few of which are on a football field.

Normally, this wouldn’t be all that newsworthy, but there’s more.

Rugland kicks balls for 60 yards or more with almost pinpoint accuracy, oftentimes from seemingly impossible angles. On one occasion, he kicks the ball 40 or 50 yards to a friend in a passing car; on another, he juggles the ball with his feet (think hacky sack), turns quickly and boots it through a goal post at least 40 yards away.

It’s actually quite amazing. Check it out here to experience it for yourself.

Even more amazing is that not long ago, Rugland came to America to tryout with the New York Jets, who need all the help they can get. Each year seems to get worse and worse for Gang Green. Sanchez is transforming into a second or third string quarterback. Tebow’s limited skills are being wasted and worse, he’s being disrespected and insulted almost weekly by his own coaching staff.

English: (center, running), American football ...

Gang Green searches for new talent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

The latest word comes from an anonymous internet source who quotes Michael Husted, a professional kicking coach from the Jets. Apparently, Husted is now working with Rugland, so things seem to be moving right along for the Norwegian man with the superhuman leg.

“Havard has incredible talent as a kicker,” Husted said recently. “As he continues to refine his technique, he could be one of the strongest kickers in the NFL.”

For the Jets sake, I hope they bring Rugland in soon. Given their questionable offense, I’m sure he could easily become their top scorer.

It’s hard to believe that all this started with a simple YouTube video and produced such positive results. It just goes to show you how being so connected can sometimes be a good thing.

And we need more good things, don’t we?

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