Teachers Fight Back

These teachers pack a punch (courtesy of Neil Bedi)

The recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut generated a lot of talk about gun control, as we all know. There was also some discussion about arming principals and teachers with guns of their own, which to me sounded like a bad idea.

Teachers are liable to snap too, don’t you think? I certainly pushed several of mine to the brink when I was in school.

Fortunately, there are teachers around the country who seem to be doing things right.

In San Antonio, for instance, teachers and administrators took a self-defense course that simulated a shooter invading a classroom. These educators used the martial art of Krav Maga to take the assailant down quickly.

Here’s hoping their students never step out of line. Yikes.

Over in Maryland, former Israeli Special Forces soldier BK Blankchtein is training roughly 20 administrators and teachers to disarm a gunman.

“At some point if a shooter does make his way to a room, it’s not just your life, it’s your life and the lives of 20 other kids. You need to have something you can do,” Blankchtein said. “We can do our part in empowering teachers, making them safer.”

Blankchtein certainly did his part. He provided the entire weekend training, as well as a domestic violence session, for free.

It looks like the lines between teachers and soldiers are blurring, people. Eventually we may have former drill sergeants teaching our kids simply because they have combat training as well as supervisory experience. Stranger things have happened…

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  1. It’s definitely great examples of things that can be and should be done…. I was talking about the possibility of arming teachers with the guys at the station, they thought that with proper training tasers might also be a viable less than lethal alternative….

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