To Love, Honor and Dismember

Winfred hacked up his wife

Sometimes the news is just too bizarre to ignore. And when it comes from my home state of North Carolina, I simply cannot help commenting on what my “neighbors” have been doing.

Yesterday in Greensboro, a man named Winfred Simpson, who was convicted of first-degree murder for killing his wife, Retha Simpson, received a life sentence. The remainder of his days will be spent in one of our state’s glorious prisons. And yes, I am being very facetious.

In March 2010, Retha allegedly asked her husband if he would be interested in joining a club were married people swap spouses, presumably for sex. Winfred got very angry and accused Retha of cheating on him. She, in turn, accused him of infidelity, too.

Things got so heated between the couple that Winfred snapped and killed his wife, supposedly by accident. And this is where the story takes a most unusual and unbelievable turn.

Winfred claimed that he was so distraught about killing his wife that he reacted by dismembering her body. Authorities later found her body parts in a trash bag and when they questioned Winfred, they also discovered cleaning supplies and blood at his home. Obviously, he was arrested on the spot.

Retha Simpson, the victim, was found in pieces (courtesy of WFMY)

I must admit that I’m having a lot of trouble wrapping my mind around Winfred’s excuse not only for killing his wife, but also for chopping her into little pieces. How does someone who feels so guilty about killing his spouse decide that the best course of action is to dismember and attempt to hide her body? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just turn yourself in?

That last question is rhetorical because sense is something that more and more people seem to be lacking. And Winfred Simpson is no exception.

If you ask me, it takes a special kind of maniac to hack up a human body. I don’t care how upset, sad, distraught or generally bad you feel, dismembering a body is something normal people would never do.

Of course, this assumes that there are still normal people out there. If you base your opinion of humankind and its evolution on what you see on the news, then abnormal seems like a much more appropriate adjective to use.

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  1. What is it with people named Simpson and Peterson in this country of ours???

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