Take My Breath Away


Michael Hutchence of INXS (Photo credit: {impossible princess})

This may be a stupid question, but when are people who derive sexual pleasure from asphyxiation going to learn?

When only one person is involved, this fetish is known as autoerotic asphyxiation and it involves someone restricting their air supply, depriving their brain of oxygen and intensifying sexual pleasure. Apparently this can produce some kind of hallucinogenic state capable of making orgasms feel as powerful and addictive as a cocaine buzz.

Of course, I’ll never know because choking yourself to get off sexually sounds as dumb as taking a gasoline bath beside a bonfire. And I guess I’m still a little upset about one of erotic asphyxiation’s victims, former INXS front man Michael Hutchence.

The Australian music group INXS rocketed to stardom in the late 1980s when their hallmark album Kick took the world by storm. I was in high school at the time and songs like “I Need You Tonight” and “New Sensation” helped form the soundtrack of what I now know were the best years of my life. That sounds a little cheesy to me, but it’s true nonetheless.

The group dropped off my radar for a while in the 1990s and sadly, they resurfaced when Michael Hutchence was found dead in his Sydney hotel room. At first, his death was ruled a suicide since he was found hanging in the closet. I found this very disturbing since he basically had to kneel down to die. All he had to do was stand up to save himself, but he wanted to die so badly that he never even bothered. Drugs and alcohol were involved, of course, but Michael had to be severely depressed to do such a thing.

Man, that really freaked me out at the time. I later heard that he used a snake-skin belt to hang himself from the hotel door and broke the buckle from straining so hard, but that didn’t make his death any less upsetting. And when Hutchence’s ex-lover and baby mama Paula Yates claimed his death may have been caused by autoerotic asphyxiation in 1999, my heart sank even further. I still miss you, Mike.

Another talented performer fell victim to this kinky fetish in 2009. That’s when the body of actor David Carradine was discovered in a Bangkok hotel. He was hanging naked in the closet (go figure) and had recently ejaculated, which led medical examiners to suggest that autoerotic asphyxiation may have been involved. And when two of his ex-wives confirmed that he had an interest in sexual self-bondage, there could be little doubt. Carradine was trying to intensify his orgasm and instead succeeded in making this “money shot” his last.

English: David Carradine in Almaty, Kazakhstan...

David Carradine liked it kinky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I never knew the guy, and he certainly wasn’t a celebrity, but I remember hearing about British MI6 code breaker Gareth Williams in the summer of 2010. He was found dead and locked inside a North Face duffel bag in his London apartment. Oddly enough, the keys were found in the bag with him.

At first, authorities suspected foul play in Williams’ death because the coroner claimed he could not have locked himself in the bag. Someone else had to be responsible, so rumors about the possible culprit ran rampant and a full-blown investigation ensued. Several suspects were questioned but unfortunately, the killer was never found… at least not at first.

A later investigation revealed that it was indeed possible for Williams to lock himself in the bag. An Army sergeant demonstrated a technique for doing so and local authorities were able to successfully replicate the stunt on numerous occasions.

The investigation also revealed that Williams frequently visited self-bondage websites and enjoyed being enclosed in small areas, a condition known as claustrophilia. And since he was alone at the time of his death, authorities now believe that autoerotic asphyxiation may have been involved. In other words, Williams was the killer they had been searching for, only his death was likely accidental. Well, sort of.

People who engage in this risky and life-threatening practice have to know there’s a chance they could die from it. Yet they still can’t help themselves and eventually, someone ends up dead in a hotel closet. I mean, wasn’t David Carradine aware of Michael Hutchence’s untimely demise and the rumor that autoerotic asphyxiation may have been to blame?

I trust that none of you enjoy choking yourselves in the interest of sexual gratification. But if you do and won’t cease and desist based solely on these stories of others who didn’t survive the practice, then please take my advice: do it somewhere other than a hotel. And for heaven’s sake, stay the heck out of the closet!

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  1. Mars, I mentioned Mr Carradine in my Blog in August of last year, under the title of DB No. 2 i.e. what a complete dickhead. He was a shite actor but I don’t think he needed to go that far, he could have just retired!

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