Reality Round-Up: Bad Luck Edition

Rounding up bizarre news stories for your reading pleasure!

Yee haw!

Welcome to the first edition of the Reality Round-Up, cowgirls and cowboys!

We all know that reality is stranger than fiction because the news is filled with stories few writers could ever imagine. In each Reality Round-Up, I will trawl different news sources and wrangle up stories that share a common theme, all in the interest of information and entertainment.

The theme for today is something we have all experienced at one time or another: bad luck. If you think things are bad for you, then consider how these folks must feel.


On Monday, the Skysurfer Hot Air Balloon Ride company took a bride, groom and their wedding party up in a huge blue-and-yellow inflatable. The couple thought this would be a nice treat for everyone and set off to explore the skies. Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn for the worst.

Within minutes, something happened and the balloon had to make an unscheduled, emergency landing. It came down hard in the 13100 block of Avenida del General, crashed through a fence and came to rest in the backyard of a local resident. The giant, multi-colored balloon finally came to rest on a neighboring home.

The fortunate thing is that only one person was taken to the hospital after experiencing some back pain, but the rest of the passengers were find. Bad luck, to be sure, but at least they now have a more interesting wedding story to share!

Tree trimmer Craig Benavidez being rescued

Tree trimmer Benavidez hangs out (courtesy of KVIA)


Monday was a busy day for people with bad luck. In New Mexico, an arborist named Craig Benavidez was trimming a tree and had a shocking experience… literally!

Witnesses said that everything seemed fine until Benavidez came into contact with a power line and received a jolt that knocked him out and left him dangling there in his harness. Fortunately, rescue workers were able to turn off the power, cut him down and rush him to the hospital.

Benavidez was in intensive care for a time, but was recently moved out and appears to be fine. Of course, he may want to rethink his career choice because several months ago, Benavidez was attacked and stung by hundreds of Africanized bees when he couldn’t get his harness off in time.

If there are any career counselors in the crowd looking to do some pro bono work, then you might consider giving this poor guy a call.


The final story of luck gone bad comes from the great state of Texas. Last Friday night, 67-year-old Robert Gene White decided to visit The Red Parrot, a local strip club. It must have been a good night, at least at first, because White was enjoying a lap dance from one of the strippers there.

Once the dance ended, the stripper went to collect from White and made a shocking discovery: he was dead from an apparent heart attack.

I suppose he never expected that this lap dance would be his last. Now he’s getting lap dances in that big strip club in the sky. Or perhaps he went another direction. You just never know.

The moral of these stories is easy to recognize: no matter how bad things get, always remember that they can get worse. When you experience good luck, cherish it because in today’s world, bad luck seems to find you much more often.

I would recommend a rabbit’s foot, but a lucky coin or trinket might work better. After all, I would hate to see a bunch of three-footed rabbits limping around out there!

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