Bad Smurfs

image: Papa Smurf

Consider yourselves smurfed! (courtesy of Victoria Police)

Authorities in Melbourne, Australia had a rather interesting encounter on Sunday evening.

According to police, a man exiting a 7-Eleven store just past midnight was approached by a man who asked for a cigarette. Normally this wouldn’t be unusual if not for one thing: the man was dressed as Papa Smurf.

Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities with the blue, cartoon patriarch ended.

When Papa Smurf asked for a light and the man refused, he flew off the handle and started arguing. That’s when the man noticed three other Smurfs trying to hot wire a car.

The police were contacted, but the Smurfs had already fled by the time they arrived. The surveillance tape from 7-Eleven was released and within a day or so, three 19-year-olds and an 18-year-old came forward and confessed to the crime. They were of course arrested.

I suppose this is further proof that crime doesn’t pay even when criminals get creative. I’m just upset that they tried to drag the Smurfs’ good name through the mud. Leave our childhood characters alone!

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