Saved by a 3-year-old

This is not the place to be sleeping!

Last Thursday evening, Tara Nicole Mitchell-Quinta of Maricopa, Arizona followed her usual routine. After putting her 3-year-old son Clay to bed, she took her fibromyalgia medication and went to sleep.

Mitchell-Quinta has always been a deep sleeper, but her medicine has been known to put her into almost a hibernation state. When it’s in her system, someone has to physically wake her or she’s liable to sleep all day.

Friday morning, while she and Clay were sound asleep, a fire broke out in their home. Black smoke poured from the back room of the house, but Mitchell-Quinta never noticed it and continued to sleep soundly as flames engulfed the house.

Fortunately, Clay did notice and immediately went to wake his mother. The two were able to escape and to contact emergency services, but it was too late. The house burned to the ground and even a few pets perished in the blaze.

But Clay and his mother lived. And it was all due to this amazing 3-year-old’s quick thinking.

“My mom was at the back,” Clay explained. “I saw the fires.”

Mitchell-Quinta knows that if it weren’t for her son, she would likely be dead. And she couldn’t be more grateful or proud.

“He is my hero,” she said later.

Amen to that, Tara. And just so you know, Clay is my hero, too. What a great kid!

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