Rape Victims Enjoy It

(File photo) Women stage a protest wearing miniskirts in Jakarta on September 18, 2011.

Protesters in Jakarta (courtesy of CNN)

Last November in the United States, two Republican candidates for the Senate lost their elections after making ridiculous comments about rape and pregnancy: Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.

Akin started the controversial ball rolling when he claimed that the female body could naturally “shut down” a pregnancy resulting from legitimate rape. He apologized shortly thereafter, but by then it was too late. The fire storm resulting from his comments burned out of control and now Akin is sitting at home instead of representing his state in Washington.

A short time later, Richard Mourdock claimed in a televised debate that children are gifts from God and even when they are spawned through rape, God intended this to happen. Obviously, people weren’t pleased and decided to vote his opponent into office instead of him.

Muhammad Daming Sanusi: Antara

Sanusi: The Indonesian Todd Akin (courtesy of the Jakarta Post)

Now it looks like another would-be government official has put his foot in his mouth with regard to rape, only this time it happened on the other side of the world.

Daming Sanusi is a candidate for judge in Indonesia‘s Supreme Court. During a recent parliamentary hearing to determine if he’s the right man for the job, Sanusi responded to a question about the death penalty as it applies to rapists.

“Consideration needs to be taken thoroughly for the imposition of death penalty for a rapist because in a rape case both the rapist and the victim enjoy it.”

Sanusi later claimed that his response was nothing more than an ill-conceived joke, but again it was too late. And now people in Indonesia and around the world are outraged, myself included.

What does it say about humankind when people we place (or consider placing) into leadership positions make light of something as serious as rape? These are the individuals we count on to make our world a better place, for goodness sake!

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  1. I find that when people are called out on their poor judgement/ill-thought out comment, they always fall back on the “just kidding” excuse…which they seldom are.

    • Absolutely true, Impy. I think we all do it, only most of us stop when we’re kids. Hope you’re doing we’ll!

      • I’ve absolutely been guilty of it as well, but once I read this quote: “I think we can all recognize that the “it’s a joke excuse” is the most dismissive, self-righteous loophole, created by those who refuse to examine their power, and assume they have not only the right to say whatever they want to people, but the right to control how other people react to what they have said.” I started to rethink what I was doing. I am doing great, very busy with the new job! I hope you are great as well!

      • Hanging in there, my friend. And I’m glad the job is going well. Thanks for stopping by & please come back soon. Seriously 🙂

  2. Well I suppose we could day thank god, I was certain we had cornered the market on idiots. Unbelievable that anyone would think rape was enjoyable for the victim.

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