Final Words on Facebook

CMU abduction

Ramsey used a BB gun in his attack (courtesy of

On Wednesday night, 30-year-old Eric Ramsey visited the Central Michigan University campus just northwest of Detroit and abducted a female student.

Ramsey drove the woman to his home, bound her and sexually assaulted her. Once he was done, he tossed her into his car, grabbed several cans of gasoline and drove away. Ramsey told the student that he was planning to kill her and when faced with this horrifying possibility, she did the only thing that she could: she leaped from the car and immediately ran to the nearest house.

A 14-year-old boy answered the door and once he heard what was happening, he rushed the student and his younger sister to the bathroom and locked the door. The victim instantly dialed the police.

As she was reporting the incident, Ramsey was outside dousing the home with gasoline, which he promptly ignited before he split. Fortunately, the kids’ father arrived a short time later and was able to extinguish the flames before any serious damage had been done.

Police responded to the report and caught up with Ramsey early Thursday morning. That’s when he made smart decision number two and led them on a high-speed chase through two counties. Along the way, he rammed into vehicles, stole a garbage truck and wreaked all sorts of havoc.

Ramsey also posted numerous messages to his Facebook account. Thank goodness for voice command, I guess.

The fire damage was minor (courtesy of the Detroit Free Press)

One message went to a friend as the chase continued: “It’s been real, bro. Wish I could have hung with you [one] last time. Love you, brother.”

A few hours later, Ramsey crashed head-on into a sheriff’s cruiser and posted what would be his final Facebook message ever: “Well, folks. I’m about to get shot. Peace.”

Moments later, he was indeed fatally shot by a deputy.

Although this story is shocking and no one should ever make light of kidnapping and sexual assault, I can’t help but wonder how many “likes” Ramsey’s final post received. I know that I would click that button if I could actually find his page.

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  1. Facebook is great tool for law enforcement. People commit crimes and feel compelled to brag about them To bad they didn’t take him alive they could have taken him to Georgia and sent him to get Chad, made it a pay per view event and funded yet another study in an attempt to prove the idea that global warming isn’t really happening…

  2. Good gracious! It’s like a bad movie! Sheesh …

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