Lone Star Shooting

Inside LSC Shooting 2

How many times does this really need to happen? (courtesy of Click2Houston.com)

The prevalence of school shootings seems to be increasing in America. And now we can add Lone Star College in Houston, Texas to the ever-growing list of institutions affected by gun violence.

Early Tuesday afternoon, an unknown man walked into a study room and started an argument with a male student there. Details are still rather sketchy, but what is known is that the stranger pulled a gun and shot the student several times before fleeing. Several other students were also injured, but fortunately there were no fatalities.

The shooter remains at large, so Lone Star and surrounding schools were immediately placed on lockdown.

Lone Star student Brittany Mobley witnessed the whole thing: “I saw two dudes basically get into an altercation and the dude that shot, he basically got angry and started shooting the other guy.”

Student Amanda Vasquez expressed things a little more eloquently: “I was waiting for my English class to start. It was five minutes before class and all of a sudden, I heard shots fired and people started rushing in the hallway. A few students even came in to our room seeking shelter and we closed the door and we pushed the table against the door and we were hiding. You never think this is going to happen to you.”

So true, Amanda. And since I work on a college campus, I always worry that it will happen here, too. That’s why I plan on jumping from my office window and zig-zagging my way into some nearby woods at the first sign of danger. I can’t outrun a bullet, mind you, but I can make the target a little more difficult to hit.

Although police are still chasing the unknown shooter and the investigation is ongoing, the assailant’s description could offer some clue to his motive. The man is described as a black male between 18-20 years old with a red shirt and an Atlanta Falcons hat.

Is it possible the argument broke out between him and a San Francisco 49ers fan since Atlanta got beat on Sunday? I hope not, but almost anything can set people off these days. And when guns are involved, an unhappy ending is usually assured.

It’s time to end all the violence, people. And for goodness sake, keep it off school grounds so people can learn. Otherwise, the ignorance that prompts these kinds of attacks may never end.

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