Death and the BK Drive-Thru

A Burger King Whopper.

Whopper: King of the Burgers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you think of Burger King–if you’re anything like me–you probably imagine a fast-food restaurant full of kids wearing cardboard crowns; delicious, charbroiled burgers like the world-famous Whopper; and a general “have it your way” attitude visibly absent from most businesses these days.

Those of you in England and Ireland, on the other hand, might be wondering if your Whopper is made of horse meat, but that’s another story.

What you might not expect to see at BK is a funeral procession through the drive-thru, but that’s exactly what happened last Saturday in York, Pennsylvania.

In honor of recently departed 88-year-old David Klime, whose favorite restaurant was Burger King, friends and family members took a detour through the drive-thru before heading over to the cemetery. His daughter Linda placed a Whopper Jr. on his grave once the short service concluded.

As touching as this is–and with due respect to this deceased Army veteran ad Purple Heart recipient–I found myself wondering if eating BK for so long had something to do with his ultimate demise. Since he lived 88 years, though, that seems highly unlikely.

However, I once went to a food expo and saw a McDonald’s cheeseburger from the 1960s. Thanks to all the preservatives and other crap inside it, the burger looked almost exactly as it did decades earlier. A little dry, perhaps, but otherwise the same.

So maybe the truth is that BK and its many delicious treats kept David alive all these years. It is possible, I suppose.

Is it possible Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has a fast-food burger habit? That would explain how he just keeps on going, and going, and going…

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  1. Couldn’t be more grateful for this post 😀

  2. So would that imply that those who eat In-n-Out Burgers WILL die early?

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