Band in a Well

Members of the popular band (courtesy of Pinterest)

If you watch the news regularly, then you are probably aware of all the violence in Mexico, most of it being perpetrated by drug cartels. Since December 2006, the year incoming president Enrique Nieto started cracking down on these clandestine organizations, more than 70,000 people have fallen victim to drug-related violence.

And the body count continues to rise.

The latest victims are members of the music group Poderoso Kombo Kolombia, a band hailing from the South American nation of Colombia.

Last Thursday evening at a bar in Monterrey, 12 musicians and staff members from the popular group were kidnapped by unknown assailants and taken to an undisclosed location in the area. Members were asked if they belonged to a rival gang and when they refused to answer, they were shot and killed.

One band member managed to escape and to alert police, but it is still unclear as to how he got away.

On Monday, Nuevo Leon spokesman Jorge Domene announced the discovery of a dozen bodies inside a well in northern Mexico. Although an investigation is still underway, some of the bodies have been identified as members of the missing music group.

Four of the bodies had Poderoso Kombo Kolombia t-shirts on them, so it didn’t take authorities long to determine who the victims were.

I can’t imagine why drug cartels would want bands like this one dead, but it became clear long ago that the violence plaguing Mexico is largely senseless. If anything, it strengthens the case for drug legalization because if there was no demand for illegal narcotics, especially in America, drug-related violence would likely fade.

Of course, cartels would then find something else to fight about, but we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it, won’t we?

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