Jesus Thwarts Robbery Attempt

Busted by Jesus? (courtesy of the Lake City Police Department)

If there was ever any doubt about the power of invoking the name of Jesus Christ, it was quickly put to rest in Florida recently.

Jacquie Hagler and roughly 15 of her closest girlfriends were having a jewelry party when suddenly, a man wearing a ski cap and a bandana across his face burst in. With gun in hand, he demanded the women give him all their money.

At first, guests thought the intruder–later identified as 24-year-old Derick Lee–was part of some elaborate prank. One woman even brushed the gun aside and claimed it was nothing more than a water gun.

Things changed once Lee showed them the gun was loaded.

“I’m not joking,” Lee told them as he held the weapon to a woman’s head. “I’m going to shoot someone, give me your money.”

With no concern for her own safety, Hagler quickly took action, stood up and said, “In the name of Jesus, get out of my house now.”

Lee ignored her initial exclamation and again demanded everyone’s money, so Hagler repeated herself with a little more force behind her words.

“In the name of Jesus, get out of my house now!”

Before Lee could react, Hagler’s guests joined in and within minutes, they all began chanting “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

Jesus has your back!

Apparently this was enough for Lee, who quickly turned and fled the house without stealing anything or harming anyone. Police arrested him a short time later and he is currently being held on $200,000 bond.

I’m not sure what impelled Lee to leave at the mention of Jesus’ name, but obviously it struck a chord with him and convinced him that robbing or shooting these spiritual ladies was a bad idea. Perhaps he went to Sunday school as a child and believed punishment on Earth to be preferable to an eternity of punishment in Hell?

Regardless of Lee’s motivation, I must admit that it’s nice to hear of a would-be criminal having a change of heart because of religion. And if he eventually decides to clean up his act and leave his criminal career behind, all the better.

At least there’s hope for Derick Lee. And it’s never too late to leave the darkness for the light. I’m sure even Jesus would agree with that.

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  1. LOL I love it! You have been quiet on my part of the world for a while now. Hope all is well.


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