Hedgehog Hospitalized

Ron Jeremy

The Hedgehog: Adult Film Legend Ron Jeremy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have some terrible news for anyone familiar with the adult film industry.

Put another way…

Hey EVERYBODY! I have some troubling news to share from the world of porn, adult entertainment or whatever the hell you choose to call it.

According to recent reports, one of the founding fathers of the adult film industry–the infamous “Hedgehog” himself, Ron Jeremy–has been hospitalized following an aneurysm near his heart. He is now at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in critical condition.

The 59-year-old star of more than 2000 adult features, and director of over 200 more, apparently had some chest pains on Tuesday afternoon and drove to the hospital. After the aneurysm was discovered, Ron’s condition deteriorated and he was moved to intensive care.

Last I heard, they were prepping Ron for surgery.

I feel comfortable calling him “Ron” because after all these years, I feel as if I know him. Maybe more of him than I care to admit, but you know what I mean.

In honor of this amazing performer of nearly limitless stamina–as well as a “damn-why-couldn’t-I-have-been-born-with-that” flesh torpedo–I offer this post as tribute.

Whether you like adult entertainment or hate it, no one can deny the impact of Ron Jeremy on the industry. His name is synonymous with porn in the same way Kleenex is synonymous with tissues. There simply is no bigger name out there. And The Hedgehog has been doing this for decades.

But did you know that Ron Jeremy began his professional life as a teacher for special needs children? That’s right. In addition to having bachelor’s degrees in theater and education, Ron also holds a master’s degree in special education. He only went into nude modeling (originally for Playgirl) and adult film to make ends meet.

Ron would be the one on the bottom (courtesy of GardenSouth.org)

And boy, did he ever.

If you count up all the films in which Ron Jeremy either starred or directed, the total comes close to 2,400. However, Ron also served as a consultant on a multitude of other, non-pornographic films and even flexed his above-the-waist acting chops from time to time.

You might guess that he consulted on the 1997 Mark Wahlberg film Boogie Nights, which was based on the life of another porn legend, John Holmes. You know? The one that ends with Wahlberg removing a prosthetic penis from his pants?

If you ask me, it looked more like an elephant trunk, but that’s neither here nor there.

Ron also popped up in cameo roles on television, like the ABC children’s show “Bone Chillers,” and in movies, including Ghostbusters, Detroit Rock City and The Boondock Saints

He truly is a Renaissance Man.

So please keep Ron Jeremy in your thoughts and prayers. With any luck, he will fully recover and will be back on top again soon.

And yes, that pun was intended.

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  1. Whaaaaa…? Wahlberg’s was a prosthetic? And here I was hoping it was real Bwahaha. Poor Ron, hope he can recover.

    • Same here, Kara. And as for that monster prosthetic, I’m sure Mark still has it on his mantle or something. Probably uses it to scare kids at Halloween or something. LOL

  2. Mate, I honestly thought this report was going to be about some bloke who’d got a hedgehog stuck up his arse…and I was hoping they didn’t hurt the hedgehog as it was extracted – backwards hopefully – I’ve always been fond of the little blighters!

  3. But yes Ron is a legend, F knows why, he’s a disgusting little blob of shite!

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