Killer on the Loose

Steven L. Robbins (Indiana Dept. of Corrections)

Have you seen this man? (courtesy of the Indiana Dept. of Corrections)

Since I tend to be drawn to crime-related stories–and since I originally come from Chicago, one of the best cities in America–I feel it necessary to mention the latest story from the Windy City.

Those of you who live there or in the surrounding area should probably pay close attention, even though I’m sure this story is at the top of most local newscasts.

According to police, convicted murderer Steven Robbins was taken to Illinois to face weapons and drug charges unrelated to the 2002 Indianapolis murder that landed him in prison for 60 years.

Robbins was supposed to be released in 2029, but sadly that date got moved up to 2013.

After the drug and weapons charges against Robbins were dropped, Illinois authorities mistakenly set him free instead of returning him to the Indiana jail where he was serving his murder sentence. Apparently, there was some kind of error and his record was not “flagged” as a convicted felon, so the cops just let him go.

Robbins is currently at large and in the opinion of Douglas Garrison, spokesman for the Indiana Department of Corrections, could be dangerous.

“The man’s been convicted of murder,” Garrison told reporters on Thursday. “We always think that men on the run are desperate, and that desperate men can be dangerous.”

A warrant for Robbins has been issued in both Illinois and Indiana, but so far authorities have no idea where he could be. More than 100 law enforcement personnel are searching for him, including local and state police, the U.S. Marshal‘s Office and the FBI.

Talk about a serious waste of resources.

At any rate, Robbins is on the run, has killed before and might be willing to avoid capture at all costs. He’s been described as a light-skinned, African-American male around 5’5″ tall and weighing nearly 200 pounds. Robbins also has a tattoo on his neck that reads “Nicole.”

If you live in the areas I mentioned and see someone who fits this description, please call 708-865-4915 to report it. With so few leads, I get the feeling police will need the public’s help in apprehending this dangerous (and fortunate) criminal.

Until that happens, though, I suggest you lock your doors and keep your eyes open. You just never know where this killer is liable to turn up.

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  1. Actually he was recaptured in Kankakee after only being on the lamb for two days,,, But yeah, County (Cook County Sheriffs) had inappropriate contact with a canine on that one. It happens from time to time, paperwork get lost, people walk. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often,,,

    • True that, Marty. I actually saw he had been recaptured, but chose not to follow up since the danger had been averted. And yes, mistakes always happen whether we like it or not. I’m just glad this one ended well, because it could have been a lot different…

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