Most Wanted

Dorner looks like a nice enough guy (courtesy of WBOB Radio)

In and around Los Angeles, California, a manhunt is underway for Christopher Jordan Dorner, a former police officer who was fired from the LAPD and has since gone on a murder rampage.

Thus far, Dorner is suspected of killing three people and wounding several others, most of them cops or the family members of cops he feels treated him unfairly.

On Sunday, Dorner murdered Irvine resident Monica Quan, the daughter of a retired police officer who tried to help him get his job back, and her fiance. And on Thursday, he opened fire on a police cruiser, wounding two officers and killing a third.

Police have received numerous leads on Dorner’s whereabouts, resulting in a “wild goose chase” through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and even the mountain resort of Big Bear, where the burned-out shell of Dorner’s pickup truck was found. Unfortunately, there were limited clues available to investigators and Dorner has basically vanished without a trace.

In a letter to police–which many are calling a “manifesto”–Dorner attempted to explain himself by describing a number of incidents that eventually resulted in his dismissal. For the full transcript, please check here.

I have read Dorner’s manifesto and from what I can tell, he accuses the LAPD of being more corrupt now than it ever was during the Rodney King era. Specific officers are mentioned and as a result, the LAPD and several other agencies have placed these individuals under protective custody.

Oddly enough, one of the teams protecting a named officer shot at a truck they thought belonged to Dorner. Sadly, it was nothing more than a delivery vehicle for the Los Angeles Times. At least no one was hurt in this mishap.

Monica Quan, one of Dorner’s victims (courtesy of ABC News)

The most recent development in this ongoing saga involves a package that Dorner sent to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Inside it were a DVD–labelled with a Post-It note that read simply “I never lied”–as well as a coin he received as a keepsake from LAPD Chief William Bratton several years earlier.

The coin was full of bullet holes. Go figure.

So the manhunt continues. Police are searching frantically for Dorner, who they obviously view as a violent cop killer. Of course, there are some who think Dorner is some kind of folk hero for trying to expose corruption in the LAPD and for having the courage to take action where others would not. Consider this Tweet from one of his supporters: “God bless you Chris #Dorner. I believe in what goes around comes around. The LAPD is crooked.”

While this may be true–at least the part about the LAPD being crooked–it’s hard for me to accept Dorner as some idealistic anti-hero because he not only went after the officers he felt “did him wrong;” he murdered the family of someone who ultimately tried to help him. I don’t know the man, but this makes me think Dorner has at least a few screws loose.

Regardless, I hope the police catch him before more blood is spilled. And I’m not just talking about innocent blood, either.

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