Dorner Prophecy Fulfilled

Fire on the mountain (courtesy of USA Today)

If I ever lose my day job, it looks like a career as a psychic might be in my future (pun intended).

On Tuesday, I posted an article entitled “Dragnet for Dorner Pays Off” that focused on the continuing manhunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner in the Big Bear area of California’s San Bernadino Mountains.

As you likely know, Dorner was fired from the force and has since gone on a killing spree to protest his termination. Most of his targets have been other officers and their families and, to date, four people are dead and a handful of others have been injured by the vigilante.

Yesterday, police caught up with someone they believed to be Dorner and surrounded the cabin where he was hiding. A standoff ensued and cops returned fire with the disgruntled gunmen, but that was the last I heard until Wednesday’s breaking news.

More on that in a moment.

In my earlier post, I wrote the following:

Police continue to pump bullets into the cabin, bring in snipers to watch the windows and maybe even toss in some of those “tear gas canisters” made popular in Waco, Texas. You remember, right? The ones that supposedly malfunctioned and barbecued all those Branch Davidians? They would certainly do the trick here.

The bold-faced section is especially telling because yesterday, this is exactly what happened (for the most part, at least).

In an effort to flush Dorner out, police officers tossed in several smoke devices (not tear gas) and guess what? They caught fire and burned the cabin to the ground. It has not yet been confirmed, but investigators discovered burned human remains in the rubble and believe them to be Dorner. DNA tests and such will likely confirm this later.

Sounds a lot like what happened in Waco, doesn’t it? Go figure.

The Branch Davidian barbecue in Waco (courtesy of The Examiner)

In a statement released yesterday, former FBI assistant director Tom Fuentes mentioned that tear gas canisters and flash grenades–as well as smoke devices like the ones used here–have been known to cause fires. A similar statement came out following the disaster in Waco, but my question is this: If we know these devices can cause fires, why do we continue to use them?

I can’t prove anything, of course, but deep down I suspect officers knew the potential consequences when they tossed smoke grenades into the cabin. Granted, there was at least a chance they wouldn’t catch fire, but there had to be an equal chance that they would.

Couple this with the fact that Dorner was a cop killer and the picture gets even clearer. Were police truly hoping to capture Dorner peacefully? Or did they secretly hope to burn him up with the cabin?

The truth may never be known and I certainly wouldn’t expect any officers to admit to such disturbing behavior. I’m sure the impending investigation will shed more light on this.

Only this time–and unlike my Waco-like prediction–I truly hope that I’m wrong.

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  1. One of the newscasters I was watching were speculating on what started the fire. Of their numerous theories, he mentioned all the gunfire, because you know, those bullets really heat up in there…and this came from a reputable station

    • That would make sense, Kara. I’m sure it was some combination of gunfire and smoke grenades. Of course, Dorner could have lit the place up himself. Since most of these standoffs end in suicide, I certainly wouldn’t put it past him…

      • I actually looked at my husband and asked if he heard what I did. The lady asked the newscaster about the gunfire and his response was, yes it could have lit the fire as there was lots of gunfire and those bullets really heat up in there. I think I forgot to mention my sarcasm in the first comment, as I am a little doubtful the heat from the bullets started the fire. I am no expert but it doesnt sound very plausible. Lets just hope they positively identify it as Dorner in there, wouldn’t that be horrible if it wasn’t.

      • Whew. I was actually hoping that was false because it sounded a little far-fetched to me too, Kara, Of course, anything is possible, so I didn’t want to discount it as a possible reason. LOL

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