Blade Runner Kills Girlfriend

The beautiful Reeva Steenkamp (courtesy of

On Wednesday, South African model Reeva Steenkamp was excited about Valentine’s Day and tweeted her followers to express it: “What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? Get excited.”

Sadly, she would not live to see Valentine’s Day. And what’s worse, her “love” was the person responsible for her death.

Early Valentine’s Day morning, Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius—also known as the “Blade Runner“—was charged with the murder of his beautiful, young girlfriend.

Pistorius made history in London last year when he became the first Paralympian to compete in the regular Olympic games. His legs were amputated when he was a child due to a bone defect and, as a result, he has prosthetic limbs. Pistorius didn’t win a medal, but he did become an inspiration for fans around the world.

Too bad that’s been shot all to hell.

Reports are still sketchy, but some sources claim Steenkamp was shot accidentally when she was mistaken for an intruder. Apparently, life in South Africa can be pretty dangerous, so most residents keep some kind of firearm in their homes.

The Blade Runner: Oscar Pistorius (courtesy of USA Today)

Pistorius lived in a decent and secure area, though, so it’s unclear whether this rumor is valid or not. Regardless, he is now in police custody and should be named as the only suspect when he appears in court later today.

One thing I find curious about this tragedy is that Pistorius and Steenkamp had previously been involved in several domestic disputes. And according to her modeling agency, Capacity Relations, Steenkamp was always the victim.

I suspect this crime was more than an accident—even though I hope I’m mistaken—but until more facts are released, none of us will know for sure.

What I do know for certain is that the world lost another good and lovely person this Valentine’s Day. And given all the hate and death that saturates our society, we as humans simply cannot afford to lose any more.

Rest in peace, Reeva Steenkamp. The world will be a darker place without you in it.

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