Don’t Slap My Child!

Pick on someone your own size, Handley (courtesy of Kathy Plonka)

Jessica Bennett was flying from Minnesota to Georgia with her 2-year-old son when the toddler began to cry. And we all know how much other passengers enjoy flights with crying babies, right?

One such passenger who appreciated the distraught child even less was Joe Rickey Handley of Idaho. When Bennett was unable to silence the young boy, Handley told her to “shut that [N-word] baby up.” And when that didn’t work, he did the unthinkable.

Handley slapped the youngster in the face, scratching him below the eye and causing him to cry even louder.

Several rows away, passenger Todd Wooten heard Handley’s cursing, witnessed the attack and rushed to Bennett’s aid. I’m not sure what he did once he got there, but if it were me, I would make sure Handley knew what being slapped in the face felt like.

Instead, Handley faces federal assault charges and according to his attorney plans to plead not guilty.

“Let’s just let the case speak for itself as it develops,” defense attorney Marcia Shein said.

That certainly sounds like something I would say if I knew my client was guilty. Baby-slapping jackass…

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  1. Because nothing calms down a screaming child like a slap in the face…

    I’d have punched that asshat in the damn throat if he touched my child.

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