Good News for Menendez

ROBERT MENENDEZ Dominican-prostitute probe.

Senator Robert Menendez (courtesy of NY Post)

It appears that New Jersey Democrat and Senator Bob Menendez can breathe easy, at least for a while. An FBI inquiry into allegations that the senator solicited underage prostitutes hasn’t produced enough evidence for authorities to proceed.

Whew! That was a close one.

The feds were looking into claims that Menendez and one of his best friends, eye doctor and million-dollar donor Salomon Melgen, flew to the Dominican Republic numerous times to attend prostitution parties with girls far below the legal age.

Melgen is currently under investigation for Medicare fraud of roughly $9 million.

Suspicion of shady dealings heightened when Menendez reimbursed Melgen more than $58,000 for the cost of flying to the DR for some “sex tourism.” And since Menendez is still under investigation for pushing a lucrative contract Melgen’s way, ensuring his pal receive a hefty payout in the process, this latest victory is even sweeter still.

So congratulations to you, Senator Menendez. Since no one can prove you went to parties with underage prostitutes, it appears that you’re off the hooker… whoops… I mean, hook.

Feel free to return to your duties representing the people of New Jersey. I’m sure many of them are wondering why their senator’s name keeps popping up in the news with words like “prostitution” and “kickbacks.”

Or maybe they’re like me and realize that when it comes to modern politics, stuff like this is just business as usual.

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