Strange Tips to Prevent Rape

“Out of the box” rape prevention tips (property of UCCS)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has come under attack recently because of a list of ten “last resort” tips it posted online to help women stave off a sexual assault.

The list was originally intended as a supplemental resource for women who completed a self-defense course on campus, but it certainly wasn’t interpreted that way and has since been taken down.

Among the tips for women who fall victim to would-be rapists is to vomit, pass gas or urinate in an effort to deter their attackers. Other suggestions include telling attackers that you’re menstruating or have some kind of transmittable disease. There’s no guarantee any of these will work, but when combined with some sound self-defense techniques, they could definitely be helpful.

Sadly, not many people agree and the internet has been all a-Twitter with backlash. Here’s what Jason Griggs had to say about it: “#UCCSTips or if all else fails, ask attacker to pull your finger!”


If you ask me, tips like these are great because they add more weapons to victims’ arsenals. And if you’re being attacked and possibly raped, why not try anything possible to prevent it from happening?

Maybe I’m gross or too “out there,” but tips like these just seem like common sense. And it’s too bad that others can’t view them the same way.

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