Mom in Deep Doo Doo

Definitely not a candidate for “Parent of the Year” (courtesy of ABC News)

Parenting isn’t easy. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or trying to sell you something. And while it may be easy to recognize good parenting when you see it, picking up on bad parenting is even easier.

Especially where people like Judy Viger of Gansevoort, New York are concerned.

The 33-year-old mother was recently arrested and charged with multiple counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Why, you ask? Check this out.

Last November, Viger threw a party for her son’s 16th birthday at a local bowling alley. A number of teenagers attended what should have been a fun and innocent celebration, but what they encountered was much, much different.

As a special treat for her son and his friends, Viger did what most parents… or most good parents… would consider unthinkable: she hired strippers.

Viger obviously wasn’t thinking straight when she arranged this ridiculous entertainment for the underaged partygoers. But she also forgot that we live in the age of technology, as evidenced by all the photos posted on Facebook later. A few even showed strippers giving lap dances and wrapping their legs around the heads of several minors.

Not cool.

When parents of Viger’s guests saw these photos, they immediately went to the South Glens Falls police, who took witness statements and then tracked down the misguided mother. She was apprehended and now could face jail time for her dumb move.

When it comes to the general stupidity of some people, I am rarely surprised by what I see, hear and read. But parents are supposed to know better, right?

Apparently not.

Would you want your son doing this? (courtesy of mynewshub)

Would you want your son doing this? (courtesy of mynewshub)

I guess it never occurred to Viger that exposing these young boys to sexual situations might cause problems later. Granted, kids these days often learn about sex from their friends, usually long before their parents ever sit them down for “the talk.” But doing things like this only exacerbate any potential deviant behavior in the future. Hell, they might even guarantee it.

I’ve only been a parent for five years and haven’t dealt with a teenager yet, but I can say this: I will never hire strippers for my son’s birthday parties, much less expose him to things that could harm him later. This includes turning him into a pervert before he’s old enough to decide whether he really wants to be one or not. And don’t get me started on the whole objectification of women thing, because this could quickly become a rant rather than a simple blog post.

So parents, do yourselves and your children a favor: let them enjoy the innocence of youth as long as possible. Such a thing might not exist any more, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny them of it completely by doing dumb shit like this.

In other words, take the example of Judy Viger and whenever you encounter a situation that demands ethical and moral action, do the opposite of what you think she would do. I’m sure it will cause fewer problems down the road.

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