Something in the Water

There’s SOMEONE in the water (courtesy of Apple Daily)

Sabrina Braugh and her husband recently travelled from Great Britain to California and decided to stay at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. For some reason, every time they ran water for a shower, it would come out black before clearing up a few seconds later. It even tasted funny.

At first, Braugh thought this was simply the way things were in America. While that doesn’t bode well for our national reputation, at least in terms of water quality and sanitation, it turns out that something else was to blame for the water’s discoloration and unusual flavor.

There was a corpse decomposing in one of the hotel’s rooftop water cisterns.

The body belonged to 21-year-old Canadian tourist Elisa Lam, whose parents reported her missing earlier this month. She was last sighted in the hotel at the end of January.

Police are investigating Lam’s mysterious death, but no details have emerged to date. And we’re still waiting for the test results from the hotel’s water supply, which is being analyzed by the LA Public Health Department.

Would you drink this? (courtesy of

Even if this tainted water poses no serious health risk to the residents of the Cecil Hotel, the fact that people were drinking and bathing in it for several weeks is more disgusting than I care to imagine. No wonder there was black stuff coming out of the faucets. It was Lam’s decomposing flesh, for goodness sake!

I would describe this situation as gross, but doing so would be a huge understatement. This goes way beyond gross. And I can’t imagine how the people who consumed this water must be feeling right now, including Lam’s parents.

Guests are still visiting the Cecil Hotel, but they have all received the same directive Americans get when they travel south of the border to Tijuana: whatever you do, don’t drink the water.

If you ask me, this advice should be rewritten as follows: don’t drink the water, especially if it comes out of the tap stinky, black and nasty. Of course, this seems more like common sense, but who am I to judge?

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  1. Oh, yuck! I heard about this on the new but never really bothered to read about it until you posted this. Next time, when I go to a hotel I’ll make sure to keep a VERY close eye on the water. Awesome post!

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