The Trees Strike Back!

They’re coming for us! (courtesy of Seth MacFarlane/FOX)

Every so often, scouring the news sites illuminates patterns that are sometimes good, but most often bad.

This is one of the bad ones.

For as long as I remember, climate change has been an important and largely unaddressed issue in this country and around the world. It almost seems like some huge catastrophe must befall humankind before someone finally asks, “Is it possible that climate change is to blame for this?” And in many cases, it is. Yet mere weeks after natural disasters occur, this sudden attention to the environment fades and we’re right back where we started.

Well, let me tell you: Mother Nature is not happy. As evidence, I present the following stories. Sure, some of the events described could be the simple result of human error, but I suspect something darker and more disturbing may be involved.

To me, it seems as if the trees are lashing out. And honestly, who could blame them?

Our first story comes from Indiana Township in Pennsylvania. Last weekend, 30-year-old Jason Drew was clearing trees when a large branch fell and killed him instantly. Apparently, the chainsaw he was using got stuck and when he and a buddy tried to dislodge it, a large limb snapped and fell on him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Trees 1, Humans 0.

A second tree-related incident occurred on Monday afternoon in Duvall, Washington. For unknown reasons, a van driven by 43-year-old woman suddenly veered off the road, slipped into a shallow ditch and hit a tree. Seconds later, the tree snapped and fell onto the vehicle, impaling the windshield and pinning the driver down.

Fortunately, a man driving a truck behind the van witnessed the accident and immediately came to her aid. Using a pocket knife, he cut the seat belt from her neck because she was turning blue. Then he and several others stayed with the driver until help arrived. She was later airlifted to Harborview Medical Center and, as far as I know, is expected to make a full recovery.

Better safe than sorry (courtesy of A. Litke)

Trees 2, Humans 0.

Our final story comes from Rockdale County, Georgia. On Tuesday afternoon, 60-year-old Roy Arndt of Oxford was driving down Interstate 20 when a tree suddenly fell on his pickup truck. He died instantly and the accident caused several smaller accidents, as well as a two-hour delay for commuters anxious to get to work… if such a person even exists. I don’t know that many people anxious to start their workdays.

This brings the final score of Trees versus Humans to 3-0 in favor of our tall, green, bark-covered friends. Granted, these were all accidents and blaming them on trees may seem ridiculous, but my question is this: What if these weren’t accidents?

Since we can’t be sure, it’s probably best that we appreciate the trees around us before we become their next targets. And I don’t plan on taking any chances!

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  1. A guy my brother knew was killed by a tree! He stopped to move a branch during a hurricane and another branch came down.

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