Sinkhole Sadness

PHOTO: A Florida man is trapped under debris after a sinkhole opened in his home, in Brandon, Fla.

The hole opened up under the Bush home (courtesy of ABC News)

For the Bush family of Florida, the nightmare began as everyone was heading to bed Thursday evening.

There was a loud crash as a sinkhole opened up under Jeff Bush’s bedroom and swallowed him whole. His brother Jeremy ran in moments after the giant hole appeared.

“Everything was gone,” he later told reporters. “My brother’s bed, my brother’s dresser, my brother’s TV. My brother was gone.”

Jeremy jumped in the hole and attempted to rescue his brother Jeff, but he was overwhelmed as the floor continued to collapse and had to be pulled out by deputies. He and four others escaped unharmed, but poor Jeff never made it out.

He was presumed dead and although rescue workers tried to recover his body, it was simply too treacherous as the sinkhole continued to expand. On Sunday, a demolition crew destroyed the house after surviving family members salvaged what little they could.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the sinkhole will become the final resting place of Jeff Bush. He is yet another casualty of “sinkhole alley” along Florida’s west coast.

I hope his family had sinkhole insurance. Is that even a real thing?

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  1. Awe, what a sad story. I heard about this on the news but didn’t really pay attention until I read this. Great post.

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