Instant Karma for Indian Rapist

Suspected rapist Ram Singh found dead (courtesy of

On December 16th, five Indian men were charged with murder, rape and kidnapping for fatally gang raping and killing a woman on a New Delhi bus.

I’m sure many of you remember this story. There’s even a chance I wrote about it here since stories like these always bother me.

At any rate, one of the men suspected of this heinous crime, actually the bus driver at the time, was found dead in his jail cell on Monday. Police say Ram Singh hanged himself, but his family disagrees. They suspect foul play.

“Ram Singh did not kill himself,” his father Mangi Lai told reporters. “He was murdered.”

Last year, New Delhi’s Tihar Prison had 18 deaths, but only two of them were suicides. To me, this means that Singh’s family may be correct. It is possible their son was killed by guards or police officers.

Although I never condone crime or violence, I can’t help but think Singh got exactly what he deserved for participating in the rape and murder of that young woman. Karma is a bitch, so he would have gotten his just desserts eventually. This just speeds up the process and saves the taxpayers money, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Either way, it seems as if justice was served, at least for this first defendant. There are four others being held in Tihar Prison, so only time will tell if any of them will “commit suicide” before their scheduled day in court.

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if more turned up dead, though. After all—and I apologize if this sounds kind of harsh—they all have it coming. And they will all pay the price, either in this life or the next.

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