March for Miseducation

This is NOT a bad teacher (courtesy of Sony Pictures)

It has been a rough month for teachers, both those in the classroom and those on the athletic field (also known as coaches… duh).

Sex. Drugs. Pornography.

Not what you might expect from your local school curriculum, huh? Well that’s exactly what’s happening in schools around the nation. Take a look at some of the most disturbing examples of miseducation in America.

They make a pretty strong case for home schooling, to be sure.


Emily Susan Smith, 37, who worked as a middle school math teacher for 14 years, was recently arrested on charges of attempting to distribute a controlled substance, reckless conduct and use of an electronic device to deliver a controlled substance.

Listen to this: Smith made some calls and arranged to have Xanax and methadone delivered to her own babysitter, who was home with her daughter. Not a smart move, but it got worse by the minute.

Later that night, the 18-year-old babysitter took the prescription drugs, went to bed, fell asleep and never woke up. A family member found her dead the next morning.

Smith has been released from her employment with Barrow County Schools and was herself released from jail on $8,000 bond.

How this woman ever became a teacher, I’ll never know.

DC police are on the scene (courtesy of CBS Local)


From our nation’s capital comes 29-year-old John Solano, a public school science teacher arrested Friday on child pornography charges.

According to police, Solano sent explicit photographs of himself to male students using electronic methods, which I can only assume means a cell phone.

Is it possible this was simply a misguided anatomy experiment gone horribly awry?

Nah. I didn’t think so, either. Shame on you, John. You know the kids aren’t allowed to meet Mr. Johnson!


Friday was a busy day for police because some “boys in blue” came calling for 56-year-old Tommy Obeso at Aurora High School. He was arrested for allegedly fondling and touching several female students ranging in age from 16 to 17.

Thanks to Homeland Security, most notably their Cyber Crime Unit, a sting operation was launched to catch this pervert. They arranged for him to meet a female student for sex and when he came (to the location), they pounced.

Obeso has been booked into Imperial County Jail and faces multiple counts of sexual battery and lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor.

Don’t we screen our teachers and try to weed out the sex maniacs, pedophiles and kinky deviants anymore? Is it possible this could be one reason for all our low-performing students?

It’s just a thought.

Amanda Feenstra (courtesy of KHOU)


Amanda Feenstra, 30, a former dance instructor, appeared in court last week on charges that she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student (and dance team member) at Humble High School.

Not only that, but she allegedly stalked her lover after graduation, too. Only when the alleged victim went to a teacher did the whole sordid affair come to light.

Feenstra now faces a second-degree felony for having an improper relationship with a student. She is free on $30,000 bond while the case heads to a grand jury.

Regardless of whether Feenstra is convicted or not, good luck getting a job in education ever again. A charge like this stays with you forever.

It’s like luggage.


Our final “bad teacher” was also a softball coach at Roosevelt High School, at least until he submitted his resignation last week.

Troy Hennum stands accused of operating a dating scavenger hunt using his own high school softball players. Here’s how it works.

Troy instructs his players on the type of women he likes. Then he sends them out into town to find him dates. Giggling groups of young girls go from business to business, asking strange women for their pictures and phone numbers, all to be delivered to their coach.

Sounds creepy, right?

Fortunately, 25-year-old Kat Aagard brought an end to Hennum’s softball dating game.

She was approached by some of Hennum’s players and later received numerous text messages from the coach. In one of them, he even sounded proud of his demented dating system: “Right? Genius. Great way to meet a girl. Use my girls. LOL.”


Kat Aargard (courtesy of Facebook)

Although Aargard was flattered at first, Hennum’s messages started to get annoying and she quickly lost interest. On a hunch, she did a quick Internet search for the kinky coach and couldn’t believe what she found.

Hennum had been involved in another controversy in nearby Lake Washington the year before, this time for text messaging a student. No charges were filed and the school district never disciplined Hennum, but he was notably absent from their teaching roster the following spring.

The good news is that Hennum called Aargard to apologize for the ruse. In a voicemail message, he said, “I want to call and, first off, sincerely apologize for any inconvenience myself or the team caused you.”

Stay classy, Todd Hennum. And next time, hunt your own honeys. You get points for creativity, but the creepiness factor was far too high.

We always hear about the trouble with today’s youth. And I have entered the conversation myself on numerous occasions. But now I realize it isn’t always their fault: it’s their teachers, too! Granted, most of them are wonderful, but the bad apples that slip into the bunch need to be rooted out immediately.

The five mentioned here are a very, very good start.

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  1. Sadly idiots get into everything… They’re like sand only more abrasive… Great post, thankfully those chucklehead’s teaching careers are over (I hope!) But I’m also sure there’s more waiting the wings for their turn…

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