A Tale of Two Trucks

Don’t cry over spilled milk (courtesy of Bob Hookway)

Highway accidents should not be taken lightly. And when these accidents involve large trucks transporting even larger quantities of different substances, things can get even messier.

Such was the case last week, when two different wrecks caught my attention.

The first happened on Interstate 89 in Sutton, New Hampshire. A tanker truck carrying more than 60,000 gallons of cool, delicious milk lost control, slid off the shoulder and overturned. The tank ruptured, but crews are uncertain how much “cow juice” actually spilled.

Too bad residents of the area couldn’t predict the crash. They could have been standing by the side of the road with all the Chips Ahoy cookies necessary to help clean up the mess.

Incidentally, the 59-year-old driver didn’t cry over the spilled milk, but I’m sure his employers did!

The second wreck occurred in Bellwood, Pennsylvania and was far more disturbing than the first. Let’s just say that all the cookies in the world couldn’t help clean up this mess.

Defense against a smelly spill (courtesy of US995)

A 27-year-old truck driver hit a ditch, flipped over and dumped his load into a nearby marsh. What was he carrying, you might ask? Peep this.

The truck was loaded with 17 tons of processed human waste. And once the vehicle hit the ground, the doo doo went everywhere. A team from the Department of Environmental Protection was immediately tapped to supervise the clean-up, which I’m sure will be extensive.

Remind me never to apply for a job with the DEP, would you? I would much rather someone else clean up stinky spills like this one.

And so “A Tale of Two Trucks” comes to an end. Our highways can be dangerous places, especially with huge tractor trailers transporting strange, unknown substances all over the place. Toss in some bad weather, treacherous road conditions or terrible drivers and you have a recipe for disaster.

I just hope the next disaster doesn’t involve fecal matter. At least milk doesn’t stink up the highway!

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