Cannibal Cop Goes Down

This takes on a whole different meaning (courtesy of Solomon’s Wizdom)

On Tuesday, a federal jury found former New York police officer Gilberto Valle guilty of conspiring to kidnap, rape, torture and kill women. He was also found guilty of illegally accessing a law enforcement database, primarily to identify his potential victims.

The 28-year-old now faces life in prison. And during the final days of his trial, even more grisly details emerged.

Prosecutors found a very disturbing document on the laptop belonging to Valle’s wife. It was titled “Abducting and Cooking Kimberly–A Blueprint.” In it was a picture of Valle’s target, Kimberly Sauer, as well as personal information that even included her bra size. Valle also provided a list of necessary materials, like rope, a gag, chloroform and a tarp to line his trunk.

Sounds like someone making plans to me.

Based on the evidence, it seems that Valle was hoping to abduct as many as three women last February. He maintained communication with a number of sketchy co-conspirators online—with names like Moody Blues and Meatmarketman—and supposedly received some cooking tips from one of his more demented buddies.

To find his potential victims and their addresses, Valle sent out police charity cards and claimed that submitting them could “get them out of a minor traffic violation” the next time they were stopped by police.

Not great PR for the NYPD (courtesy of Tumblr)

Not great PR for the NYPD (courtesy of Tumblr)

Another weird development involves an online chat Valle had with some other freak. In it, Valle claimed to be working on a story about “a restaurant that sells women in all varieties, sometimes grilled or roasted as a whole, sometimes in steaks or pieces, sometimes a la carte, or in a buffet.”

Valle may claim that all of this was part of some dark, masturbatory fantasy—and his defense team tried to reinforce this claim—but in the end it simply wasn’t enough. The jury recognized Valle for the sick, twisted individual he is and made sure he got what was coming to him.

Sentencing will take place later, but I for one hope they throw the book at this guy. Of course, I worry that for every Gilberto Valle we find and punish, there are endless others out there carrying through on their murderous plans.

Let’s just hope that none of them possess the same hunger that he did.

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