Grandma Gets Trashed

Ellen Nicole Crawley (Source: LMDC)

Ellen Crawley, the grandma killer (courtesy of LMDC)

Earlier this week, police in Louisville, Kentucky arrested Ellen Nicole Crawley for the August murder of her grandmother, Mary McClain. She is currently behind bars and if she is convicted of this heinous crime, the state will likely seek the death penalty.

According to the latest reports, Crawley had been living with her grandmother for several months and their relationship had been deteriorating ever since. At one point, McClain left a message with her sister expressing her frustration.

“I had to call a locksmith to come in here and open the door and then change the locks on the deadbolts so that [Crawley] cannot get in, and I’m not letting her in,” she said in the recording. “I don’t want her here any more.”

Unfortunately, changing the locks didn’t work very well. On the fateful August day, Crawley simply crawled through a window to get inside the house. She confronted McClain and later described to police what happened.

“She started hitting me and I went to pick up something,” Crawley said. “I picked up a skillet and hit her upside the head with it. She didn’t move or nothing.”

Crawley apparently thought her grandmother was unconscious and dropped the skillet in the sink, where police later found it. However, McClain was still alive, came to and immediately lunged for her granddaughter.

“She threw her hands on me, and I threw my hands on her, and I just, I just went a little too far,” Crawley recounted later. At that point, she strangled McClain until it was obvious that she was dead.

Crawley in court (courtesy of WLKY)

What happened next was bizarre. And no one described it better than Crawley herself.

“I went to the gas station and got me something to drink,” she told authorities later. “I just needed to think, and then I came back home drove in the garage and I went to sleep. I left [McClain] in there cause I couldn’t think. I didn’t know what to do.”

After drinking a few beers, the perfect post-homicide libation, Crawley moved her grandmother’s body from the car to the trash. She then stole some jewelry, fled the house and sold it in the hours following the murder.

Two days after the murder, McClain’s ex-husband came by the house and discovered her body in the trash. He immediately alerted the authorities, who arrested and imprisoned Crawley at once. And since she not only murdered her grandmother, but also stole and sold her jewelry, prosecutors are planning to seek the death penalty.

Here’s hoping they get it because honestly, this woman is seriously deranged. Anyone who kills a family member and then relaxes with a few beers while deciding what to do with the body probably shouldn’t be walking among us anyway.

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