Prom with Kate Upton?

Suave to the last (courtesy of YouTube)

Suave to the last (courtesy of YouTube)

Los Angeles high school senior Jake Davidson may be “Jewish and 5’9″ on a good day”—his words, not mine—but one thing is for certain.

He also has balls the size of church bells.

Last week, the 17-year-old “dreamer” made a hilarious video, posted it to YouTube, sat back and watched it go viral. What was the video about, you ask?

Okay. My title gave it away.

Jake asked Sports Illustrated supermodel and all-around sexpot Kate Upton to his senior prom this May. And let me be the first to tell you that IT IS AWESOME.

See for yourself right here.

Probably the coolest thing about all of this came Monday night, when none other than Kate Upton herself tweeted a response. Check it out.

She actually tweeted him! (courtesy of Twitter/@KateUpton)

She actually tweeted him! (courtesy of Twitter/@KateUpton)

Few things warm my heart as much as seeing a celebrity come down to earth long enough to interact with us common folk. And since Kate is supposedly checking her schedule to see if she is available to attend Jake’s prom, all the better. One unselfish act could guarantee an unforgettable evening not only for Jake, but also for every guy who sees them together that night.

Incidentally, anyone interested in making some serious money should load up on Kleenex and hand cream—perhaps some back issues of SI featuring the gorgeous model—set up a stand near the LA high school and charge top dollar to every star struck, boner-laden, prepubescent boy who stumbles out of that chaperoned event.

I predict lots of calluses, cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome in the days following Kate’s appearance.

But there’s more.

Yesterday morning, Jake popped up on The TODAY Show and got an even better surprise: a phone call from Kate! And the 20-year-old bombshell had nothing but good things to say.

“I absolutely love the video,” she told the brave young lad. “It was so hilarious and so creative. Thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it.”

And true to form, Jake responded with something just as hilarious as his video, at least to me.

Kate Upton Cat Daddy Dance video

It’s over if Kate does her Cat Daddy dance (courtesy of Terry Richardson)

“I’m telling you it will be a great night, great evening,” he promised his potential date. And this is the part that really cracks me up. “I could even get the curfew extended hopefully by my parents maybe.”

Go on with your bad self, Jake.

Unfortunately, though, my man Jake still didn’t get a straight response. Kate has to check her schedule to see if she’s available. Whether or not she actually makes it, she did end her call with something I found cautiously optimistic. You be the judge.

“You seem like so much fun and if everything works out, I’d love to go with you,” she told our pimply Casanova. “I know we’d have a blast.”

Here’s hoping you get your chance, Jake. You’ve got balls, my friend. And they just might pay off in spades…

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